Roasted Smashed Potatoes-Recipe

roasted potatoes blog

If you’ve never had roasted smashed potatoes you should plan on making them today.

I’m not sure who gets the street cred for this recipe. I think it’s someone on Jeremy’s side of the family. Uncle Randy maybe? I don’t know for sure.

You won’t regret eating these.


30-40 small red potatoes

1 cup olive oil

two cloves fresh garlic

salt to taste

To Do:

Wash and Dry potatoes. Do not peel. Cut the bigger potatoes in half.

Place potatoes in large 9×13 baking pan (cake pan)

Bake at 400 degrees for about an hour, or until a fork can easily be inserted into the larger potatoes.

While potatoes are baking make your garlic infused olive oil. I like to use my granite mortar and pestle, fresh garlic and awesome olive oil pictured below.

garlic oil blog

Skin two cloves of garlic, place them in the mortar (the bowl), use the pestle and smash. When the garlic is sufficiently crushed, add the olive oil and mix.

When the potatoes are tender, pull them from the oven and cool for ten minutes, or just until cool enough to touch.

When cool, use a potato masher and smash each potatoe just until the skin breaks and the white potato flesh can be seen. Don’t flatten them completely!

Drizzle your garlic olive oil over the top and salt as desired.

Place potatoes back in the oven until the tops begin to get crispy. 20 minutes?

Other seasonings can be used-these potatoes are super versatile.

You might also add to the top of the potatoes:

a dollop of sour cream with a sprinkle of bacon bits or chives,

some freshly grated parmesean cheese

Fresh Thyme

A roasted Asparagus top (attach with a toothpick and serve as an appetizer)

A dollop of plain yogurt and fresh grated ginger (just a tiny bit…ginger goes a long way)

or…as Jeremy would do…hot sauce. Just add hot sauce and eat.

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