Grilled Green Beans-Recipe. Do it.

roasted green beans blogIngredients:

One huge bunch of fresh, washed green beans (I figure 5-8 beans per person)

olive oil

Salt to taste

Our recipes are often so uncomplicated, seasonal eats, that I just don’t measure the ingredients. In the case of Grilled Green Beans…it’s the same.  Some friends shared the idea of GGB with us quite a few months ago. I didn’t try them until tonight.



To Do:

Lay the green beans on a plate or pan, sprinkle with olive oil and salt as desired.

Place on the grill until they are the done-ness you want them to be. In my case I like them just a bit blackened.


Seriously, that simple and deliciously good.

Nature’s finger food.

Kid Approved.

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