Hiking-Aristes, PA

Some of the best hikes we take are close to home. Simple walks in the woods for an hour or two, sometimes five or six, but always close to home.

This short, one hour hike was tucked in behind the DCNR office in Aristes, PA. It is an easy, well defined, walking path, which opened up into the road you see here in this picture with Anna and Daisy.hiking 1

This isn’t by any means a time consuming hike, or even break a sweat sort of hike. It is simply a nice walk in the woods.

We don’t always have to go far to find a place of solace among the rest of life.

Here are some other pictures from our day:

hiking 2Evil Winnie the Pooh lives just down the lane.

hiking 3

The clarity isn’t the best on my iphone, and it seems to always be the camera I have with me, but if you look closely you can see the narrow path in front of Kaitlyn’s left shoulder.

Hiking tips: not a path for flip flops. Some roots sticking up and a lot of greenery covering whatever could be lurking beneath. Wear sneakers or hiking shoes. Otherwise, a very easy hike.

Rating: 2- Though there are options for walking hills, it is not neccesary. The flat paths are plenty of walking for a nature fix.

We give this hike a rating of 1-feel free and take Grandma.


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