How I managed to rent two cars on the same day.


Only one time have I ever rented a car.  And I’ve been driving for a really long time.  Like, early 90’s ago.  But in a strange turn of events I ended up having not one, but two rental cars (both in my name) at my house at the same time.

The Ford Fusion in the background was rented following an accident last week that destroyed my black Saturn Ion.  The grey Dodge in the foreground is a really long story, but I’ll try to sum it up quickly:  Our friends graciously allowed us to borrow their van so that 6 of us could go to D.C. for the day.  In D.C. the van broke down so we had to rent a vehicle to get home – allbeit very, very late.

But here’s the thing… they both were due back today, to different dealers in different cities.  After another very long day we got them both returned, and we picked up my beloved red Saturn from the garage with a fresh inspection and oil change.  Thankfully we never sold it, and it’s been loyally standing by for such a time as this.

Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up….


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