Reading Nook

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This little reading nook is perhaps, the most comfortable spot in the house. It is nestled in the corner of our dining room, an unlikely place to find such a spot, but nonetheless, one of our favorites. From it you can see the rest of our living area, the back deck and through the front window to the neighborhood and mountain in front of us. There is a small basket in the bottom left of the picture that is often home to books on theology, ministry, church, culture, birds, bibles, and the latest Backpacker magazine.

We aim to please.

This is primarily Jeremy’s space, often the spot where he works when he works from home, though the dog and I have been known to get comfortable in it on occasion.

Given that we aim to decorate with what we love, with the things that speak to us, and not allow clutter to override our space (the whole stewardship of space thing), we choose carefully what we place in our space. Sometimes we choose slowly, and that means we have empty walls for a while, but I would rather have an empty wall until I find something that matters, than a wall filled with meaningless things, that not only cost me time to hang and dust, but cost me money. Learning to be comfortable with empty space is a discipline worth understanding. Why spend energy on meaningless things?

So here enters our Reading Nook….the chair is a soft, brown leather worn in all the right places, and was purchased at a benefit sale for the local library.

It cost $25.00.

And it even came with a hassock.

The picture hanging above the chair was purchased at a thrift store and cost $8.00, frame included. It is a beautiful, warm stately bouquet of flowers.

The lamp in the picture is a bronze Walmart special we have had for years. All it needs is a little dusting  and a new lightbulb once in a while.

When I decorate any space, I prefer one or two large items, opposed to several small items. We have very few knickknacks and many items that act as signposts to us of who we are, what we cherish and where we came from. For us, living simply includes decorating simply with things that matter, and a firm belief that one doesn’t have to spend an enormous amount of money or time to make any space feel like it was meant to be part of our family.

And if having a reading nook means my husband will work from home….it is well worth having.


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