If I ever have the choice to keep one possession, but give everything else away, I would choose to keep this painting. The colored rectangles are the painting, the blue is the wall it hangs on. It looks small in the picture, but in actuality is a canvas 4 feet by 6 feet in size. It is above a very long couch and hangs on a huge wall. Thus…it looks smaller than it is.

When the girls were little, a few years ago, we had a mommy daughter night at home. We decided to make some artwork for the family room. I loaded up my paints and brushes and this gigantic canvas that for some reason I had laying around our house, entirely unused and organized it all in our kitchen.

I put newspapers on the floor in front of the kitchen sink, leaned the canvas against the cabinets and my girls and I painted. The only rule was to stay inside the taped off rectangles. Otherwise they could use the colors in front of us and paint whatever design they chose.

It is to this day one of my favorite pieces that hangs on our walls and so simple to make.

Here’s How:

Using whatever size canvas you choose for your space, with painters tape, mark off the shape of your design. For this canvas, I kept it simple and simply marked off one foot rectangles, but you could do any shape you want. When the taping is complete, paint within the borders and let dry. I chose one palette of complimentary colors that I thought would pop against the blue/grey wall. When the entire painting is dry, remove the tape and hang. You have yourself a unique, one of a kind piece of art.


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