Daisy blog

We got her when she was eight weeks old.

A personality bigger than her size.

At ten weeks she jumped out of a second story window, onto our garage before meeting us in the driveway when we arrived home two hours later.

She has torn up a couch one piece of styrofoam at a time, stolen and eaten raw pizza dough off the stovetop, climbed on the dining room table to eat a cake, had a massive bowel evacuation  in moving water upstream from a waterfall where swimmers were innocently enjoying the water, made herself an exit in our screen door, learned to say Mama, peed on the refrigerator repair man’s jacket and surprised a snorkeler by swimming over the top of him.  She prefers a couch to the ground and will find any minute piece of fabric just so she isn’t entirely sleeping on the floor.

Snorkeler man wasn’t happy.

She has no idea she weighs ninety pounds and no longer fits on our laps.

Rarely does she meet a stranger.

She is a caretaker when we are sick, sleeping by our sides until we are better.

She is Daisy and we love her in a ridiculous way.

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